Constructive Criticism

After the debut showing of Opus 54 we were happy to have recieved a great deal of very useful feedback about the film. The two most common bits of constructive criticism we received were regarding 1) the lack of footage showing worship taking place in the chapel, and 2) the redundancies of several clips in the concluding chapter of the film. We plan on addressing these shortcomings for the final DVD version of the film. We’ve already shot some clips of a chapel service at the seminary and will add the clips to the film in the appropriate places. Then we’ll edit down the concluding chapter and send the final cut to DVD. At that point we’ll also work on getting the film viewable online.

As far as getting the film online goes, there are some difficulties. The film is in high definition (720p) and weighs in at a whopping 17 gigabytes. We must decide between two options for web presentation. On the one hand, we could compress the film to under 2 gigabytes, but the picture quality would be seriously degraded. The other option is to split the film up into segments for online viewing. We’ll soon let you know which route we plan on taking.