National Worship Conference Recap

We were privileged to present Opus 54 at the WELS National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts.

The WELS National Worship Conference is held every three years and offers workshops and training for a variety of worship topics ranging from using worship for outreach to choral readings to practical planning sessions for pastors and worship coordinators. We presented a workshop called “Opus 54: Inspiration and Education” to around 40 individuals at the conference.

The presentation revolved around the path of knowledge about good musical instruments that a person could travel using the Opus 54 film as a guide. The overall theme of the conference was “Passing the Torch” and focused on training the next generation of musicians, artists, and worship leaders. Our presentation focused specifically on how Opus 54 can be used in churches and schools to contribute to music education.

One attendee at our presentation remarked that she did not know anything about organs and was glad to have the information we presented. It was particularly rewarding that one of our project goals (offering a product that can be used for education) was met before our very eyes. Opus 54 is not just for organ fans or church musicians. As we’ve pointed out all along, we feel Opus 54 can be useful and interesting for Christians (and Lutherans especially) of all walks of life and of all ages. All it takes is a desire to go on that journey of discovery about the art, skill, and beauty involved in a fine instrument to Christian worship.