We're in Post Production

As of yesterday the final edit has been completed and the audio is in post-production. All that remains to complete the film is to tweak the list of flaws we noticed in our screening, process the audio, color grade the film, render, and show.

It’s been a tremendous push to get to this point. We’ve reshuffled the order of presentation in the documentary so the final version will be different from the version we turned in for our grade back in December of 2009. Not only was the entire presentation order of segments rearranged, but individual segments were partially or completely remixed as well. We’re happy with the final product. We’ve realized that if we continue to remix and rethink the work we’ll end up with something different each time, but each version will not necessarily be any better than the last. It’s good to have a firm deadline to tell us it’s time to finally quit tinkering.

We look forward to seeing you at the screening next week!